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What did "AK47" do after it went launched?

"AK47" belongs to every community member, it should be fair and safe, no matter in terms of code technology or market value!

Open Source

"AK47" was launched on February 17th, and the contract open source verification was carried out in the BSC block explorer.

Destroy LP

We destroyed the initial liquidity pool and entered the address of 0x0000...00dEaD to ensure that the pool will not be withdrawn in a blanket manner.

Renounce Ownership

We gave up the ownership of the contract, AK47 belongs to every community member, it should not have centralized management authority, let's go!

Audit Report

The contract audit is done by Solidity Finance, they are very professional and well-known, the contract has no theft and no bugs.
Overall Contract Safety: Pass

The AK community is a highly autonomous circle that jointly decides the future direction of "AK47" through voting. I like this feeling.
— Happy Member



Good tokenomics is the economic foundation for the development and growth of "AK47", and 80% of swap tax go back to the liquidity pool, which is undoubtedly a strong value foundation!

Chain: BSC

Name: AK47

Supply: 1947

MaxHoldAmount: 5

Swap Tax: 5% = 4%(auto-LP) + 1%(marketing)

Address: 0xbCE8C8b84758284eb8197bDd7d32D8Cc7e669622



Join us

"AK47" has always aimed for complete decentralization, adopts community autonomy management, and uses multi-signature contracts for constraints.

We very much welcome more partners to join, for the same goal, together for a shared future!